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Essentially your session is designed specifically for You!

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It combines specific types of techniques that will best fit your needs.

Any massage includes:

Thermal Palm massage a better alternative to hot stone massage.

This is a soft hand held modality that is used to deliver deep penetrating heat to muscles and joints during therapeutic and relaxation massage.
The thermal palms massage can relief chronic pain, joint stiffness and reduce muscle tenderness.

Combining orthopedic massage for chronic pain which treats painful conditions such as headaches, migraines, stiff neck, sore back, shoulder pain, sciatica.

Swedish massage for relaxation – stress relief.

Neuromuscular relief  or Deep tissue massage for trigger points.

Fomentation use of heat/cold for therapeutic purposes to increase circulation, relax the muscles, sedates the nerves, stimulates the nervous system and is physically and emotionally healing.

Young Living therapeutic Oils: Powerful essential oils , chemical-free, extracted from aromatic plants.

APR (Arthritis Pain Relief Lotion) to continue the therapy at your home.

Half hour (30 minutes)                      $35 

One full hour  (60 minutes)              $60 

  One hour and a half  (90 minutes) $90  


A package of three massages is $165 ($5 dollars discount for each one)

A Package of four massages is $200 +  taxes ($10 discount for each one)
A package of 5 massages is $250.00 dollars + taxes  ($10 dollars discount for each one.)

The Benefits of Frequent Visits:  Scheduling massage treatments at consist intervals is truly an investment in your health. Think about massage treatment as part of your health and wellness plan. (Also I offer Great discounts for regular visitors)

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